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How to set up Ledger Extension

This article explains how to set up Ledger Extension. 

Rather than continue updating Ledger Extension as a standalone app, we’re integrating many of its features, such as Web3 check, into other parts of the Ledger ecosystem to streamline your experience and make it easier to securely manage your assets.

You can still use the Ledger Extension app if you have it already downloaded, but it will no longer be available to download and we have no plans to further update the app.

Before you start

  • Ledger Extension is compatible with Safari on iOS 16+ and macOS 12+ with Safari 16+
  • You can use the extension only with Ledger Nano X via Bluetooth
  • Ledger Extension supports Ethereum and Polygon. You need to have the Ethereum app installed to use it.

Turn on Ledger Extension

  1. Navigate to SafariPreferences (or Settings).
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Ledger Extension.

Allow permissions

  1. Click on the Ledger Extension icon next to the website URL.
  2. Click Always Allow on Every Website. The Ledger Extension logo in Safari will turn blue.
  3. Click the I allowed it button.

Finalize the setup

It’s time to connect your Ledger Nano X. 

ℹ️ Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your Ledger device and your iPhone/Mac. 

  1. Enter the PIN and unlock your Ledger Nano X.
  2. Open the Ethereum app on your device.
  3. Go back to your iPhone/Mac and click Connect.
  4. Make sure the pairing number on your Ledger device matches the pairing number on the app.
  5. If they match, press both buttons on your Ledger Nano X to verify the pairing number.
  6. Once your Ledger device is connected to the extension, you’ll see a list of your Ethereum accounts. Select the account you want to use with Ledger Extension. You can also click Synchronize your accounts with Ledger to see all your Ledger accounts.

You’re all set. You can now use Ledger Extension when accessing dApps on Ethereum/Polygon.

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