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Ledger Live ENS support

Ledger Live supports ENS usernames for ETH addresses. 

You can send ETH by entering the recipient's username.eth in the Send window instead of the long and complex receiving address. 

Keep in mind that Ledger Live ENS support comes with a few restrictions:

  • You can use only the following special characters . (period), - (hyphen), and  _ (underscore).
  • Other special characters aren't supported.
  • Maximum character length: 30 characters.

When you confirm the transaction with your Ledger device, you’ll see the ENS username displayed on the screen instead of the receiving address. If you want your device to display both the username and crypto address, navigate to Settings and enable Verbose Domains .

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed identity infrastructure provider that allows you to create human-readable usernames, for example, bob.eth, for your crypto addresses and decentralized websites. 

You can claim your own ENS username at

Keep in mind that you need to pay fees to get an ENS username. The .eth domain you purchase will have to be renewed periodically or it can be reserved by someone else.

Here you can learn how to register and secure an ENS name through Ledger Live: Register and secure an ENS name with Ledger

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