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I didn't receive my crypto after swap

This article explains what to do if you swapped assets with Changelly in Ledger Live and never received crypto assets.

I just swapped the assets and I didn't receive anything

Some Changelly users may experience an increased period of time for the swapped assets to be sent and then received in Ledger Live.

Indeed, it can take some time since the swap consists of several steps: 

  • Confirmation of the Send transaction on the blockchain network.
  • Confirmation and processing of the received crypto by the swap provider Changelly.
  • Confirmation and processing of the sent crypto by the swap provider Changelly.
  • Confirmation of the Receive transaction on the blockchain network.


Each of the above-mentioned steps may take a certain amount of time to get processed. Many factors can impact the delay, such as the network congestion on both networks of the swap, then the delay of the swap provider in processing the incoming and outgoing requests, and issues during KYC (Know-Your-Customer) verification. 

What should I do?

We do recommend waiting until the swap is processed, it can take up to 3-4 hours.

If it takes longer than that, please reach out to Changelly Support with your Swap ID.

You can find Swap ID in the Swap history in the Swap tab in Ledger Live.

Other swap provider contact information

If you've chosen an alternative swap provider, such as CIC, 1inch, or ParaSwap, here are the dedicated contact details for each:

  • CIC Support: If you encounter any issues, contact the CIC team by providing your swap ID via email at
  • 1inch Customer Support: For assistance, refer to the 1inch support page: 1inch Support.
  • ParaSwap Contact: Get in touch with ParaSwap, via their website: ParaSwap Contact.

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