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Staking Hedera (HBAR) with HashPack

This tutorial describes how to stake Hedera (HBAR) coins with your Ledger device connected to Hashpack, a Ledger-compatible third-party wallet. Please note that HBAR staking is not supported in Ledger Live yet.

 You can learn more about Hedera staking rewards* here.

  Hedera App Update Issue

There's an issue when claiming Hedera (HBAR) staking rewards with Haspack after updating the Hedera app to the latest version (1.4.20). You might see a  "Ledger device: CLA_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x6e00)" error message. The issue can be resolved by updating your Hashpack browser extension to version 10.0.1 or higher.

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Before you start

  • Follow these steps to ensure that your Ledger Live and your Ledger device's firmware are up to date.
  • Ensure that the latest version of the Hedera (HBAR) app is installed on your Ledger device.
  • HashPack does not provide Ledger support on Firefox, make sure to use the Chrome browser.

Staking your HBAR with HashPack and your Ledger device

 Feature limitations

  • Staking only works on newly created Hedera accounts.
  • If you're storing HBAR in an existing Ledger Hedera account, please follow the steps below to set up a new Ledger account with HashPack and migrate your HBAR funds to it.
  • The transferred HBAR can be staked.
  1. Go to then select Install on Chrome.


  2. Add the Hedera extension to your browser then open it and select Connect Ledger.


  3. Choose and Confirm your password, agree to the Terms and Conditions then select Next.


  4. Select Create a new wallet.


  5. On your Ledger device, navigate to the Hedera app then press both buttons simultaneously to open it.
    Your Ledger screen displays: Awaiting Commands.
  6. In the Haspack app, select Connect your Ledger > WebHID > Get public key.


    Your Ledger screen displays: Export Public Key #? 
  7. Use the right button to navigate to Approve then press both buttons simultaneously to Approve exporting your public key.
    Unlike exporting a private key, exporting a public key is perfectly safe. 
  8. Choose a staking node in the list then select Next.
    Need help choosing a HBAR staking node? This guide might help.


  9. Give your account a nickname, select the currency display then select Create Wallet.


    Your new Ledger Hedera account appears in the app.


  10. Select Receive.


  11. Select Copy address to clipboard then copy the address With checksum.


  12. Open Ledger Live, click Send, paste the address then click Continue.


  13. Select the Amount of HBAR to transfer then click Continue.


  14. Review the destination address, the amount, fees and total to debit. If all looks good click Continue.


    Your Ledger screen displays: Transaction Summary Transfer with Key #?
  15. Using the buttons, review the transaction details carefully. If all looks good, select Confirm then press both buttons simultaneously to sign the transactions.


    All done! Once the transaction is confirmed on the Hedera network, your HBAR balance will appear in HashPack and start staking automatically.


    You can monitor your staking rewards by navigating to the Stake tab in HashPack.
     You can learn more about Hedera staking rewards here.


Transferring your Hedera (HBAR) stake to a different staking node

Due to current limitations in the Ledger integration with HashPack, selecting your staking node is only possible during account creation with HashPack and cannot be altered later. If you wish to stake your HBAR with a different node, you can create a new account using your Ledger device and HashPack.

To do this, open Hashpack and go to: 'Add Account' > 'Connect Hardware Wallet' > 'Ledger' > 'Create a New Wallet', and then select a different staking node for this new account.

After creating the new account in HashPack, claim your staking rewards from your existing account. Then, transfer your HBAR to the new account, which will automatically initiate staking with the new node.

Unstaking Hedera (HBAR) coins

Due to current limitations, it is not possible to unstake HBAR using HashPack with your Ledger device. However, if you wish to stop staking entirely, you can create a new Hedera (HBAR) account in Ledger Live with your Ledger device and transfer your HBAR coins to this new account.

By transferring your HBAR balance to this new account, you will effectively end staking on that balance.

*Rewards are not guaranteed. Ledger does not provide any financial advice or recommendation. 

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