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Things to keep in mind:

  • Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone.
  • Connect your wallet only to the official Samsung NFT minting website.
  • Samsung, Ledger, Amazon or any of the involved partners will never DM or contact you directly to offer any kind of support.
  • Ensure that you purchase NFTs only from the Official Samsung Collections.
When does the mint start?

The mint window for the Samsung MX1 Genesis Edition will open on Feb 1, 2023, at 19:00h. The Samsung MX1 ART Collection mint windows will open on Feb 15, 2023, at 19:00h.

The specific mint window depends on the allowlist wave you're assigned to and will be announced individually to each participant. It's first come, first served in each of the four mint waves.

What's the mint price?

It’s a free mint.

How many NFTs will be dropped?

Depending on the number of pre-registrations, there will be an unlimited max supply within a limited number of different NFTs. Everybody will have the chance to participate.

What's in it for the community?

The NFT drop is the first step of Samsung’s Europe journey in the Web3 space. The community can look forward to a wide range of experiences, which will develop over the next months and years. The vision is to offer NFT holders a new way of experiencing the brand and allow them to tap into the creative power of the Web3 community.

What is an ‘allowlist’ and will there be one?

An allowlist is a list of collected wallet addresses that guarantee certain community members a spot for minting NFTs. The selection of addresses is usually based on specific requirements. This collection will have two allowlists:

  1. For the pre-registration of the Samsung x Ledger product bundle [SAMSUNG MX1 GENESIS EDITION].
  2. For the pre-order of the Samsung x Ledger Bundle [SAMSUNG MX1 GENESIS ART COLLECTION].

After the private mint for the allowlist, there will be a public mint.

Why do I have to provide my email address and country of residence to sign up for the allowlist?

An email address is required to confirm your consent to set up an account on the platform. Information about your country of residence is required to comply with its national regulations.

When I register for the bundle in Wave 1, do I have to purchase it?

No, pre-registration only shows your interest in the bundle. In Wave 2 you will have the possibility to get on the allowlist of the MX1 Genesis Art Collection after you buy the web3 starter bundle or the new Samsung device.

What does the mint process look like?

To successfully mint NFTs, you need to register and connect your wallet to the corresponding minting website. After successfully connecting, the Mint NFT button will be activated. After clicking this button, you will be asked to confirm the transaction with your wallet. Your NFT will be minted and visible in your wallet after the transaction process has been completed. The transaction process can take a few minutes.

How can I check if I am on the allowlist?

This information will be published on Samsung’s page. Keep checking for updates.

How much time do I have to mint my NFT?

There will be two mint waves in total, each with its own mint duration. The exact mint date and its duration will be communicated on Samsung's official channels soon.

In which countries is mint allowed?

Due to the different legal situations, only residents of the following countries, regions, or markets can currently mint a SAMSUNG NFT:

  • First wave: Germany only.
  • Second wave: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, and the USA.
What can NFT holders expect?

Holders of NFT by Samsung can look forward to a variety of Samsung web3 activities, such as specially selected “money can’t buy” experiences, as well as the opportunity to co-create Samsung’s future in the Web3 universe.

Is this a one-off project by Samsung?

No, this project represents an important milestone in the Web3 world of the Samsung ecosystem.

What if I own multiple NFTs by Samsung?

If you own several NFTs, you can use them for different projects.

What is the official Ethereum address of the SAMSUNG MX1 NFT COLLECTIONS?

The official Ethereum address will be communicated on Samsung’s official channels soon.

My question isn’t listed. Who can I contact for further information?

In case you have additional questions reach out to

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