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How to connect to NEAR Wallet with your Ledger device

Sunset of NEAR Wallet

  • As announced by NEAR Community, the NEAR Wallet soon will transit from being a web wallet to becoming a wallet hub and NEAR Wallet will stop working. Learn more.
  • Ledger users can connect to MyNearWallet with their Ledger devices to continue managing Ledger NEAR accounts. Learn how to connect here.

This article explains how to connect your Ledger device to the NEAR network via NEAR Wallet.

Before you start

All set? Great, let’s dive in.

Install the NEAR app on your Ledger device

  1. Connect your Ledger device and unlock it.
  2. In the Ledger Live app, navigate to My Ledger.
  3. Confirm that you allow My Ledger to access your device. You can do that by clicking both buttons on your device simultaneously. 
  4. Go back to Ledger Live. In My Ledger, head over to App catalog and search for NEAR.
  5. Click Install.

Connect your Ledger device to NEAR Wallet

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Import Existing account.

  3. Select Sign in with Ledger

  4. On your Ledger device, navigate to the NEAR app and press both buttons simultaneously to open it. Your Ledger screen should display the words: Use wallet to view accounts.

  5. Open the Advanced Options menu, set the HD path to 0 then click Set HD Path.

  6. Click Authorize.

  7. Click on the blue Connect button located in the center of the screen. Then, choose your Ledger device from the options and click the Connect button.

    In case you encounter an error message, you can simply disregard it

    The message Ledger Connected should be displayed on your screen.

  8. Once again open the Advanced Options menu, set the HD path to 0 then click Set HD Path.

  9. Click Authorize again.

    The app should now prompt you to Confirm your public key.

  10. Navigate to the Approve option and press both buttons on your Ledger device to confirm.

  11. Next, approve your account by scrolling to the Approve option on your Ledger and confirm by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

  12. After a short moment, the wallet confirms the successful account import.
    Ignore the Continue button and instead click the NEAR logo in the top left corner of the wallet.

    Your NEAR account appears.


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