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Wrong EVM network selected FAQ

Have you just withdrawn some crypto from an exchange but are not able to see your coins in Ledger Live? It's possible that your coins have been sent out to the wrong EVM network. Read on to learn more.

Frequently asked questions

What is an EVM network?

An EVM network refers to a blockchain that is compatible with Ethereum. EVM tokens such as ERC20 tokens, or BEP20 tokens are all EVM-compatible which means that they can be safely stored on any EVM network.

I withdrew some EVM tokens from an exchange but they're not showing in Ledger Live
It's very likely that you provided the correct address but selected the wrong network for your withdrawal. For example - sending ETH via the Binance Smart Chain network:


A good rule of thumb is to always select the native network for the selected coins. For example: select the Ethereum network for ETH and ERC20 tokens, select the Solana network for SOL, Polygon for MATIC, etc.
I withdrew my coins onto the wrong network, are they lost? 
No, as long as you provided an EVM address generated by Ledger Live and verified on your Ledger screen, your coins are not lost.
How can I find my coins?
  1. Open your exchange account and head to the Withdraw(al) section.


  2. Find the withdrawal.
  3. Verify that the address provided is your Ledger address.


  4. Next, click on the TxID to open it in a block explorer.


  5. Check the name of the block explorer. For example:
    1. Etherscan: your coins have been withdrawn onto the Ethereum network.
    2. BSCscan: your coins have been withdrawn onto the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) network.
    3. Polygonscan: your coins have been withdrawn onto the Polygon network.
    4. Cronos: your coins have been withdrawn onto the Cronos network.
    5. Arbiscan: your coins have been withdrawn onto the Arbitrum network.
  6. Open Ledger Live and add the corresponding account.


  7.  Can't find the account in Ledger Live? It might not be supported yet.
    Instead, connect your Ledger device to MetaMask (here's how) then connect MetaMask to the corresponding network (here's how).
  8. Finally, add the coin you're looking for to MetaMask. Here's how.
  9. Still stuck? We can help! Please reach out with your transaction ID and address.
I sent Tron tokens like USDT to my Tron account but it's not showing in Ledger Live
Your Tron account needs to be activated. Click here to learn more.
I can see my coins on the wrong network, how do I transfer them to the correct network?
  • Option 1 - Send your coins back to the exchange then withdraw your coins again. This time, make sure to select the correct network.
  • Option 2 - Use a bridge like Hop Protocol or cBridge. Please keep in mind that bridging tokens counts as a transaction and consumes fees.

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