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How to withdraw crypto from Kucoin to your Ledger wallet

This article explains how to transfer crypto from Kucoin to your Ledger wallet. 

Before you start

 Correct network

Make sure to select the correct network on the exchange when withdrawing assets to your Ledger wallet. Ledger Live may not display crypto assets if you select the wrong network. Learn more

Withdrawing funds from Kucoin to your Ledger wallet

  1. Open the Ledger Live desktop app. 

  2. Click Receive.

  3. Choose the crypto asset you'd like to send.

  4. Copy the address.

  5. Review and verify the address on your device.

  6. Go to Kucoin and login to your account. 

  7. Click on the Assets icon at the top of the page and select Main Account


  8. Click Withdraw.9DC1F074-18CD-4665-B306-8B743EF60D0F.jpeg

  9. Enter the asset you want to send.

  10. Paste the receiving address you generated and copied from Ledger Live.

  11. Using the dropdown menu, select the network. Not sure which network to select? This article will help you.

  12. Confirm the selection and click OK on the pop-up. 

  13. Enter the amount you want to send.

  14. Click Withdraw. A verification window will appear.

  15. Enter the required information to finalize the withdrawal.


Security tip: Try sending smaller amounts first. Be sure the transaction was properly received before proceeding to send larger amounts

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