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Do I need a memo tag to send or receive XRP and XLM?

In this article, we explain when you should add a memo tag when managing XRP or Stellar (XLM) using Ledger.

  • Memos are sometimes called memo tags or destination tags.
  • Memos are important when sending XRP/XLM to an exchange but not when withdrawing crypto from an exchange to your Ledger account.
  • You must include a memo with your transaction when sending XRP/XLM to an exchange from your Ledger wallet.
I am sending XRP/XLM from my Ledger wallet to an exchange

A Memo/destination tag is required when sending your coins to a centralized exchange (for example Coinbase). Many exchanges are using only one or just a few receiving addresses for the deposits. Therefore, they need a memo tag to determine to which account they should credit the received funds.

It is critical to add a memo when sending your funds from your Ledger wallet to a crypto exchange if you want the exchange to credit your funds correctly.

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To add a memo tag when sending to an exchange, enter the tag given to you by the exchange. You can find it in the Tag field within the Send window:


I am withdrawing XRP/XLM from an exchange to my Ledger wallet

When you are sending XRP/XLM from an exchange to your address obtained in Ledger Live, you are not required to put a specific tag. Since the address is controlled by you, the funds in Ledger Live will appear on your address automatically.

Some exchanges may still require inserting a tag while withdrawing the assets

In that case, you can pick any tag, for example, a random number from 0 to 4294967295 without any specific number being necessary to receive your funds.

I sent crypto to exchange but forgot to include a memo

In this situation, the exchange still receives your assets and has them in their wallet. However, they won’t be able to identify and assign the transaction to your account.

As transactions on the blockchain can’t be canceled, Ledger won’t be able to help you in this situation. Your only solution is to contact the exchange’s support with your transaction ID and assist them in identifying your deposit transfer so it can be credited back to your exchange account.

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