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How to withdraw your crypto from Binance to your Ledger wallet

This article describes how to securely withdraw your crypto from Binance to your Ledger wallet. Withdrawing funds from Binance is a simple and straightforward process. However, it's important to note that there are multiple ways to accomplish this task, and the below walkthrough is just one example. Additionally, please be aware that the steps outlined are specifically for Binance, and may differ slightly from the process on

Before you start

 Correct network

Make sure to select the correct network on the exchange when withdrawing assets to your Ledger wallet. Ledger Live may not display crypto assets if you choose the wrong network. Learn more

Withdraw your crypto from Binance to your Ledger wallet

  Ledger Live Desktop   Ledger Live Mobile
  1. Open the Ledger Live desktop app

  2. Click Receive to generate a deposit address with your Ledger device.

  3. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to receive funds into, and verify the corresponding address displayed on your Ledger device for accuracy.

  4. Copy the address from Ledger Live and press both buttons simultaneously to approve it. 

  5. Go to Binance and log in to your account. 

  6. Navigate to the "Wallet" tab and select "Overview."

  7. Under "My Assets" select "Fiat and Spot."

  8. Paste the deposit address you copied from Ledger Live and click Continue.

  9. Select the network. Not sure which network to select? This article will help you.

  10. Enter the amount you wish to send. 

  11. Select Withdraw and then Continue if everything looks good.



Security tip: Try sending smaller amounts first. Be sure the transaction was properly received before proceeding to send larger amounts.


All done. Once the transaction is processed and confirmed on the blockchain, the balance will appear in Ledger Live.

You can track the status of your withdrawal in Binance's Recent Withdrawal section.

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