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Recovery phrase best practices to prevent loss of funds

This article aims to provide users with some recovery phrase best practices to avoid losing funds while using products in the Ledger ecosystem. 

Best practices:

  1. Have a backup of your recovery phrase on metal devices. We sell the Cryptosteel Capsule, the Billfodl, and the Cryptotag Zeus. These devices are specifically designed to withstand fire or water damage. We believe that these types of storage devices are the safest way to your 24-word seed phrase. 

  2. Have a recovery phrase backup in two secure locations. This way, if one of the phrases gets lost, stolen, or damaged, you have a backup in a different place.

  3. Have a "hot backup" Nano device with the same recovery phrase as the primary Nano. To purchase a backup back, click here to learn more. 

  4. Run a recovery check right after setting up your Nano with a new recovery phrase. Doing this will ensure that you have the correct seed phrase before loading new crypto on it. 

  5. Don't reset or restore your Nano before confirming that the recovery phrase words on the Nano device matches the words on your backup sheet. Run a recovery check to confirm that they match.

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These are just a few of the best practices to avoid a self-induced loss of funds. Doing these steps will help ensure a more secure pathway while navigating the web3 jungle. Always feel free to reach out to Ledger Support if you have any questions.

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