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Ledger Stax FAQs

This article compiles answers to the most common questions about Ledger Stax.

Do I lose my crypto if I lose my Ledger Stax?

Don't worry, you'll be able to access, manage, and retrieve your crypto as long as your Secret Recovery Phrase is safe and accessible only to you. Simply get another Ledger Stax or any other Ledger and recover access to your assets using the Secret Recovery Phrase.

Why should I use Ledger Stax rather than an exchange or a software wallet to store my digital assets?

Software wallets store private keys on systems that are connected to the internet, making them susceptible to all kinds of attacks. Holding your crypto on an exchange means entrusting the private keys to a third party and not having any control over your funds. Ledger Stax stores your private keys offline on a Secure Element chip, and provides full isolation between the keys and your computer/smartphone to give you complete control over your assets. You're the only one in control.

How do I decide between Ledger Stax, Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Nano X?

Whether you just started out your crypto journey or you're a seasoned investor, Ledger has the right product for you. For help finding the right Ledger for you, check out our Ledger comparison page.

Can someone steal my funds if they have access to my Ledger Stax?

Even if someone steals your Ledger Stax, they won't be able to access it without knowing your PIN. Entering the wrong PIN three times in a row will automatically reset your Ledger Stax to its factory settings.

How can I migrate my funds from my wallet to Ledger Stax?

After setting up your Ledger Stax, you'll need to follow the steps outlined in this article to transfer your crypto from an exchange. If you want to send funds from a software wallet to your Ledger Stax, follow this tutorial.

What is the storage capacity of Ledger Stax?

Ledger Stax's storage capacity is 1.5 MB. You can store up to 100 apps on your device, depending on their size. 

What languages does Ledger Stax support?

Upon shipping, Ledger Stax will be available in English.

What is the estimated delivery date for my Ledger Stax if I preorder now?

We plan to start shipping Ledger Stax by May 2023.

When will I be charged if I preorder on

You will be charged once the preorder is placed.

As a [ Ledger ] Market Genesis Pass holder, will I have priority access to preorder a Ledger Stax?

If you’re a Genesis Pass holder, you can mint Ledger Stax NFT Bundle on [ L ] Market immediately after the announcement, redeem it on December 19, and receive it as soon as it becomes available. Plus, you’ll be able to get exclusive generative art NFTs created by hand-picked artists optimized for Ledger Stax in March 2023.

How and where can I preorder a Ledger Stax?

There are two ways to preorder Ledger Stax:

  • On through a conventional order.
  • On [ L ] Market: You can mint the Ledger Stax NFT bundle which offers two NFTs – The Ledger Stax NFT, and the Art on Ledger Stax Mint Pass NFT.
    • Redeem the Ledger Stax NFT for a Ledger Stax, and a free Ledger Stax Magnet Shell–a protective case for your Ledger Stax.
    • Use the Art on Ledger Stax Mint Pass NFT to mint a random artwork from the ‘Art on Ledger Stax Collection’ at [ L ] Market in March 2023. The Art On Ledger Stax Collection is generative NFTs created by 5 hand-picked, renowned Web3 artists, specifically optimized for the Ledger Stax screen. 
    • The mint price for the Ledger Stax NFT Bundle is 0.22eth. To mint a Ledger Stax NFT, you must hold a Genesis Pass NFT on December 5th—the snapshot date. If you purchased the Genesis Pass after this date, you won't be able to mint Ledger Stax NFT.

There are three options to mint the Ledger Stax NFT Bundle:

  • Option 1: If you own the Genesis pass, you get first dibs on minting this Bundle. December 6-13, Genesis Pass holders will have 7 days to mint the Ledger Stax NFT Bundle.
  • Option 2: If you own an NFT from any of our partners, you can register through Premint to become a member of the Allowlist. The mint window for the Allowlist winners will be open on December 13-14 for 24 hours.
  • Option 3: If you don't own either, you can participate in the public mint on December 14th to 17th. The public mint window will be open for 72 hours.

Here are the steps for redeeming your Ledger Stax NFT for a Ledger Stax and the Magnet Shell:

  1. Mint the Ledger Stax NFT Bundle on [ L ] Market, and you'll get two NFTs as mentioned above.
  2. Use the Ledger Stax NFT to pass the token gate and preorder Ledger Stax for $0 at
  3. Use the Art on Stax Mint Pass NFT to redeem one artwork from the Art on Stax NFT drop in March 2023 from one of the five participating artists.
Do I get Magnet Shell if I preorder Ledger Stax on

No, Magnet Shell is available only to those who mint Ledger Stax NFT Bundle.

How is Ledger Stax different from Ledger Nanos?

Unlike the Ledger Nano S Plus and the Ledger Nano X, Ledger Stax comes with a large E Ink display and a touch screen that allows you to read and clear-sign transactions more conveniently. In addition, you can personalize your Ledger Stax by naming it, and customizing the lock screen with your favourite NFT or photo.

What operating systems are compatible with Ledger Stax?

Ledger Stax supports Windows 10+, macOS Big Sur, and Ubuntu LTS 20.04+.

How can I customize the lock screen on my Ledger Stax?

Simply sync your Ledger Stax with the Ledger Live app and select an NFT from your NFT gallery or any image from your smartphone/computer.

Does an NFT need to be stored on Ledger Stax to be displayed as the lock screen?

The NFT needs to be accessible through Ledger Live. The NFT image from Ledger Live can be loaded to Ledger Stax and used as the lock screen.

How many NFTs can I secure with my Ledger Stax?

Ledger Stax allows you to secure as many NFTs as you want. Ethereum and Polygon NFTs are supported on the Ledger Live app, while third-party wallets support NFTs on other blockchains. You can only display one NFT as your lock screen.

What does clear-signing transactions with Ledger Stax mean?

Guided by our mission to bring transparency to every transaction you carry out, Ledger Stax supports clear-signing. This means that before signing a transaction with your Ledger Stax, you can view and verify the information, such as the receiving address, the amount, and fees on the screen.

Learn more about clear-signing Crypto’s Greatest Weakness? Blind Signing, Explained

Does that mean that I can read the smart contract that I'm signing with my Ledger Stax?

No, smart contracts can’t be read, only their end result.

What coins are supported by Ledger Stax?

Besides Ledger Live, Ledger Stax is compatible with 50+ third-party wallets, allowing you to manage and interact with 5000+ coins and multi-blockchain NFTs.

Does Ledger Stax have a dark or an invert color mode?

At the moment, no.

How can I transfer my crypto from my Ledger Nano to my Ledger Stax?
When you start the onboarding process with Ledger Stax, you'll have the choice to Set it up as a new Ledger or Recover access to your existing assets. If you choose to Recover access to your existing assets, you can enter the Secret Recovery Phrase of your Ledger Nano S Plus or Ledger Nano X and transfer your crypto to your Ledger Stax.

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