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Windows 7 - no longer supported in Ledger Live

This article provides information about some of our system requirements and specifically, Windows 7 not being compatible with Ledger Live. Windows 7 support was discontinued as of Ledger Live version 2.48.0.

Windows 7 users:

Ledger Live is only compatible with Windows 10 (64-bit) and above. Ledger Live no longer supports Windows 7 as Microsoft has stopped supporting it as of January 2020. Whereas it is possible that it still can work on some PC machines, we do not recommend using it on Windows 7 due to the outdated security standards of this OS. We can't provide support on errors that you may face using Ledger Live on Windows 7.

If at all possible, please try upgrading to a newer version of Windows. You can also try using Ledger Live on a different computer or on a mobile device

Please see the full list of our system requirements here.

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