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Sorry, connection failed - error message in Ledger Live

   Attention Windows users:

Ledger Live is only compatible with Windows 10.1 and above. Ledger Live no longer supports Windows 7 as Microsoft has stopped supporting lower versions as of January 2020. If at all possible, please try upgrading to a newer version. See our system requirements here.

This article provides information to users who have a connection to their Nano device, but Ledger Live is not able to communicate with the device. This usually stems from an error message generated in Ledger Live titled: "The connection has failed."


Before you start

  • Make sure to update Ledger Live to the latest version via this link.
  • Try doing a simple restart of your computer. This might be a simple troubleshooting step but can sometimes be the solution to connecting here.
  • For Windows users only - always run Ledger Live in administrator mode. To do this, simply right-click on the Ledger Live icon and select "run as administrator."

Solutions to common connection issues:

Solution 1: Close any other application that is open

Another application that is running could be causing interference between your device and Ledger Live. Please close all dApps, applications, programs, windows, or anything that is open on your computer when attempting to connect. 

Solution 2: Temporarily disable any VPN and whitelist Ledger Live
Any VPN software running on your computer could cause interference as well. Please temporarily disable any VPN running and attempt to transact again. 
Solution 3: Temporarily disable Anti-Virus software and whitelist Ledger Live
The same thing goes for Anti-virus software, go ahead and disable this, for now, and be sure to whitelist Ledger Live, if possible.

Still having Nano communication issues?

If you're simply having USB connection issues - please see this article for more information. 

As always, you're always welcome to open a support ticket with us here. We're always happy to assist! 

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