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Zcash transaction issues in Ledger Live

This article describes a number of transaction issues currently affecting Zcash users.

A bit of background

There are 2 types of addresses on the Zcash network:

  • Transparent addresses, also known as t-addresses are public.
  • Shielded addresses, also known as z-addresses are private.

 Ledger Live can only create transparent addresses.

This dual-address system means that 4 different types of transactions can happen on the Zcash network:

  • Public: transparent to transparent 
  • Shielding: transparent to shielded
  • Deshielding: shielded to transparent
  • Private: shielded to shielded


Transactions issues in Ledger Live

At the moment, Ledger Live only supports public transactions (transparent to transparent) .


Attempting to conduct shielding, deshielding or private transactions will return errors.

Error types

"This is not a valid Zcash address" error

This error happens when attempting to send ZEC coins to a shielded z-address. Please send to a transparent address instead.

"Internal error 0x6f01"
This error happens when trying to send a deshielded ZEC balance to a transparent address.
You can solve this issue by using the Coin Control feature to select and send any transparent UTXOs stored in your account. Spending a shielded UTXO however will still return an error. You can learn more  about Coin Control here.
"bad-txns-coinbase-spend-has-transparent-outputs" error
This error affects Zcash miners trying to spend coinbase (mining) rewards to a transparent address. Since the Heartwood upgrade, mining rewards received on a transparent address must be shielded when they are moved for the first time.


Our team is working as fast as possible to integrate z-addresses and allow Ledger Zcash users to send and receive to shielded addresses and create transactions containing shielded balances.

If you're affected by one of the issues above, please get in touch with Ledger Support so we can help you access and move your coins.

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