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Downgrading to an older version of Ledger Live

Sometimes, it's necessary to downgrade to an older version of Ledger Live. This happens when you have an operating system that might not be compatible with a newer version of Ledger Live. Although it is technically feasible to downgrade, we do not recommend doing so. The reason we periodically release updates for Ledger Live is to address bugs and enhance security measures. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your Ledger Live updated to ensure the smooth functioning and security of your device. 

How to downgrade

Below, is an example of downgrading your Ledger Live desktop application from 2.51.0 to 2.50.1, but should work for other versions too:

  1. Go to the Ledger Live signature page to find a list of previous Ledger Live releases.
  2. Using the drop-down arrow, select the Ledger Live releases field and select 2.50.1


  3. Select and download the correct OS installation file: Linux, Mac .DMG, or Windows .EXE
  4. If prompted, choose to replace the existing version. 
  5. Open Ledger Live desktop application as usual after installing the downgraded version.

Please note: Even though these steps mention downgrading from 2.51.0 to 2.50.1 - this process can be used for any version of Ledger Live mentioned in the release page

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