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Hedera address cannot be confirmed on your Ledger device

This article explains why your Ledger device cannot confirm your public Hedera account address.


Why is my Ledger device unable to confirm my Hedera account address?

Unlike other blockchains where your public address is directly derived from your private keys, in Hedera, there is no cryptographic derivation between your private keys (held in your Ledger device) and your public Hedera account address.

Instead, your account address is assigned to you directly by the Hedera network once an existing Hedera account validates your account. 

Is it safe to use the Hedera account address provided by Ledger Live?

Yes, the address provided by Ledger Live is completely safe to use.

If this is your first time sending HBAR to Ledger Live, we still recommend sending a small test amount first.

Alternatively, you can use HashPack to verify the address provided by Ledger Live.

Verify your Ledger Hedera account address via HashPack

  1. Go to the HashPack Web Wallet.
  2. Create or type your password then select Sign in to HashPack.
  3. Select Import Existing Wallet > Import using Ledger.
  4. Enter the Hedera address provided by Ledger Live.
    A tick mark appears.


  5.  Click Next > Connect and select WebHID.
  6. After ensuring the Hedera app is open on your Ledger device, select Get Public Keys.
    Your Ledger device displays: Export Public Key #0? 
  7. On your device, use the right button to select Approve and press both buttons simultaneously to approve the operation.
  8. Use the buttons to verify that the Account number shown on your device matches the account number in Ledger Live.


  9. If all looks good, navigate to Confirm and press both buttons simultaneously.
    You've successfully confirmed your Ledger Hedera address.
  10. You can now close HashPack and go back to Ledger Live.
    If you wish to continue using HashPack click Next, name your wallet and click Create Wallet.
    Your Ledger Hedera account appears in HashPack.

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