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XDC Network (XDC)

This tutorial will show you how to create your first XDC Network account with your Ledger connected to the XDC wallet app. 

Before you start

  • Update Ledger Live through the notification banner or download the latest version.
  • Update the firmware on your Ledger Nano SNano S Plus / Nano X.
  • Install the Ethereum app located in the "My Ledger" section of Ledger Live. The ETH app is required as a prerequisite before installing the XDC Network app. 

Install the XDC Network (XDC) app on your Ledger device

  1. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  2. Open Ledger Live and navigate to My Ledger.
  3. If asked, allow access to My Ledger by simultaneously pressing both buttons on your device.
  4. In My Ledger, select the App Catalog, search for the Ethereum (ETH) app, and click Install.
      The Ethereum (ETH) app must be installed before the XDC Network otherwise Ledger Live will return an error 0x6811.
  5. Search for the XDC Network app and click Install.
    You're done with this step! xdc11.png

Create your Ledger XDC account with XDC Wallet

  1. Go to

    Please note:
    If you're having issues with XDC Beta Wallet, we recommend connecting to MetaMask to manage your XDC for the time being.
  2. On your Ledger device, open the XDC Network app. Your Ledger screen should display the words: "Application is ready".

  3.  Select Access my wallet.

  4. Select Hardware wallets.

  5. Select Ledger.

  6. Select the XDC Network > Connect via USB then select your Ledger device and click Connect.

  7. Select your XDC account, accept the Terms then click Access my wallet.

    Your Ledger XDC account appear.

  8. Click Receive to get your deposit address. You can use this address to send XDC coins to your Ledger account.

Once the transaction has been confirmed on the XDC Network, your XDC deposit will appear in your account. You can track the status of your transaction by searching the transaction hash at

Having issues accessing XDC Beta wallet?

If the XDC Beta Wallet is experiencing an outage, you can still connect your Ledger device to MetaMask and configure it with the XDC Network. This will enable you to access your Ledger XDC accounts without interruption.

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