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Activate Tron account to send or receive Tron tokens

  Not seeing your Tron (TRX), USDT, or TRC10/TRC20 deposit?

For newly created accounts on the Tron network, you must send at least 0.1 TRX to your Ledger Tron receive address to activate the account before you can see your USDT or any other TRC10/TRC20 tokens deposited.

The minimum required amount for the account to be activated is 0.1 TRX. Learn more.

When interacting with a new Tron account in Ledger Live, you might encounter one of these messages:

  • 'You need to activate your Tron account before depositing TRC20 tokens.'
  • 'You first need to send at least 0.1 TRX to this address to enable TRC20 deposit.'

These notifications are due to the Tron protocol's requirement to activate your account before receiving any Tron tokens, such as USDT Tether or USDC. Activation requires transferring at least 0.1 TRX coins to your new Tron account, which can be done before or after you've sent your tokens.

If you see one of these messages in Ledger Live:

  • To receive TRC10/TRC20 tokens, send a minimum of 0.1 TRX coins to your new Tron account in Ledger Live. This initial funding activates your account on the Tron blockchain, allowing you to receive your tokens.
  • If you've already sent tokens like USDT Tether to an inactive Tron account, don't worry. Your funds are safe. Just transfer at least 0.1 TRX to that account. Once the TRX is received, your token balance will then be visible in Ledger Live.

Sending Tron tokens (including USDT, USDC, etc) from your Ledger to an exchange

Similarly, when sending TRC10/TRC20 tokens to a Tron address owned by a third-party wallet or an exchange wallet like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc, make sure that the recipient address is activated

Sometimes, exchanges or third-party wallets will provide you with a Tron deposit address that hasn’t been activated. In that case, send 0.1 TRX to the address to activate it. Then you can send your Tron tokens. 

We understand that this might be an inconvenience. However, this is the Tron protocol requirement that can’t be bypassed.

Still have issues sending your TRC20 transaction?

Please request assistance from our support team.

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