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API 403 Error - I can't download Ledger Live

This article explains why some users have problems downloading Ledger Live from our official website and how to solve it.

403 ERROR - The request could not be satisfied


API error 403 in general means the server you are trying to connect to is unreachable or unavailable.

As a Ledger user, this error may appear when you try to download the Ledger Live installer from the official website due to problems with your network. It happens because your download request is getting automatically blocked for some reason or because your network is too overloaded. 


To solve this error, you can try to download Ledger Live by using a different network. For example, you can try to use your mobile network from your phone data.

An alternative solution, if the error still persists, you can download Ledger Live 2.42 from our GitHub page and then update the app to the latest version.

Lastly, you might be able to use the Ledger Live Mobile app without issues.

Be careful and do not download Ledger Live from other websites, a lot of fake applications there pretending to be official, and try to get hold of your 24-word recovery phrase. Learn more about these phishing attempts here.

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