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How to analyze a Bitcoin (BTC) account xPub

This guide provides steps to analyze a Bitcoin (BTC) extended public key (xPub) with a block explorer. It focuses solely on Bitcoin (BTC) xPubs. Analysis for xPubs from other Bitcoin-like accounts, including Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), or Zcash (ZEC), is not currently supported. You can learn more about xPubs here.

 Is it safe?

Yes, unlike sharing your 24-word recovery phrase, it is safe to share your xPub (extended public key). However, anyone with access to your xPub could use it to spy on your Bitcoin accounts. As such it's best to keep your xPub as private as possible.


  1. Open Ledger Live and select your Bitcoin (BTC) account.
  2. In the account, select the settings wrench icon.


  3. Click on > Advanced to reveal your xPub and copy it.
    Make sure to only copy the characters contained inside the " ",
    For example:


  4. Click this link to access the converter tool
  5. Paste your xpub in the text box.

  6. Select the version you want to convert your xpub into:

     Which version should I choose?

    • It depends on your account type.
    • Ledger Live displays the account type next to the account name:
    • If you're converting a Native Segwit xPub, select zpub spelled with a lowercase "z".
    • If you're converting a Segwit xPub, select ypub with a lowercase "y".
    • Converting a Legacy or Taproot account is not supported.

    The tool will output a zpub... or a ypub... public key.
  7. Copy the zpub or ypub public key and navigate to this website.
     Alternatively, you can also use the Trezor Bitcoin explorer.
  8. Paste the public key into the search box and click Explore.
    Your account's entire transaction history, total received/sent and balance appears.


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