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How to manage Tezos NFTs with Temple and Kukai

This article describes how to manage Tezos NFTs with Temple and Kukai wallets. Once you have these wallets installed and secured by Ledger, you can purchase NFTs on sites like Objkt, Fx(hash), and Versum

Before you start

  • Ensure you're running the latest version of Ledger Live. You can update your Ledger Live app to the latest version via this link.
  • We recommend using Chrome browser. If you experience any connectivity issues, please use Firefox or Brave.
  • Ensure that the latest version of the Tezos app is installed on your Ledger device.

Install the Temple Wallet extension

  1. Go to the Temple Wallet website.
  2. Click on the Install now button in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select your browser and click Install. The Welcome to Temple page will appear.temple1.png
  4. Click Create a new Wallet.
  5. Create a secure password.
  6. Tick the checkbox to accept Temple Wallet’s Terms of Usage and click Create.  
  7. On the Backup new seed phrase page, click Protected to reveal your Temple wallet recovery phrase.
  8. Confirm that you made a backup.
  9. In the Temple app, click the icon located next to Account 1 and select Connect Ledger.
  10. Connect your Ledger device to your computer/phone and open the Tezos app.
  11. Choose a name for your account and click Add Ledger Account.
    The derivation path and derivation types fields don't need to be changed.
  12. The app will ask you to provide your public key. You need to confirm the public key on your Ledger device. temple2.gif

You should now have access to your Ledger Tezos account(s). 

Managing Tezos NFTs with Temple

There are many Tezos NFT sites such as and These sites allow collectors to mint generative NFTs and collect/trade NFTs via the secondary market. Temple wallet allows users to easily import accounts from other Tezos wallets and migrate funds seamlessly.

Once you start collecting and minting Tezos NFTs, they will appear under the “collectibles” section in Temple Wallet. 



Temple Wallet allows you to send/receive NFTs as well. Since the wallet is connected to Ledger, you will have to sign the transactions with your Ledger device.


Don’t see your NFT?

  1. Select the Collectibles tab, then select Manage.Screen_Shot_2022-08-10_at_11.52.01_AM.png
  2. Select Add Collectible.

3. Enter the contract address and token ID.

4. Click Add Asset.




Doing these steps will allow you to add tokens if they are not automatically generated in Temple upon minting or purchasing an NFT. 

Buying Tezos NFTs with Kukai

You can also buy Tezos NFTs from other sites like by connecting your Ledger device to Kukai.

How to Connect Ledger to Kukai

1. Go to the official Kukai Wallet site. 

2. In the top right corner, click Connect Ledger


3. Select the default derivation path

4. Click Connect. You are now connected to Kukai Wallet.



4. Head over to

5. In the upper right corner, click Sync


6. Select Kukai Wallet


7. Find an NFT you wish to purchase.

8. Click Buy



9. Read the Marketplace Disclaimer and click Confirm


10. Confirm the purchase and sign the transaction on your Ledger device.

Navigate to your Kukai Wallet extension. Your NFT will be displayed under the NFT/Collectibles section.


Next steps

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