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[ Ledger ] Market

This tutorial will show you how to access and use [ Ledger ] Market through the Discover section of Ledger Live. 

What is [ Ledger ] Market?

[ Ledger ] Market is a platform for curated NFT drops that enables artists and brands to create, distribute, and store NFTs with ease and world-class security. 

Through curation, artist-in-residence programs, custom collaborations, and product drops, [ Ledger ] Market gives you true ownership and control at every stage of the NFT experience, from minting to safeguarding. 

How does it work in Ledger Live?

Located within the Discover section of Ledger Live, [ Ledger ] Market is a Ledger-approved application that gives you access to artist-in-residence programs, custom collaborations, and product drops.

Before you begin

  • Update Ledger Live through the notification banner or download the latest version.
  • Ensure that your Ledger device runs the latest firmware version.

[ Ledger ] Market interface overview

You can access [ Ledger ] Market via our official website or Ledger Live’s Discover section:

  • Home - see the latest collaborations and drops.


  • About - learn more about the history of [ Ledger ] Market and check out the explainer video.


  • [Genesis Pass] - An NFT that gives you access to exclusive drops, limited edition hardware, and more. Below you’ll find the step-by-step guide on buying a Genesis Pass on OpenSea. 


How to use [ Ledger ] Market 

  Ledger Live Desktop   Ledger Live Mobile
  1. In Ledger Live, navigate to the Discover section.


  1. Click [ Ledger ] Market. You’ll be reminded that you’re about to be redirected to an external application.


  1. Click Continue. You’ll be taken to [ Ledger ] Market website where you can explore the latest collabs and drops, find out more about the platform, subscribe to our newsletter, and more.

Need help?

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ledger Support

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