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Where are my Polkadot (DOT) rewards?

This article provides information on why users, who have nominated DOT, are not receiving rewards*.

You can learn more about bonding Polkadot (DOT) here.

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Why am I not seeing rewards?

It is important to understand that staking DOT on a chain is an active process that requires periodic attention to ensure reward accrual will continue. There can be numerous factors that can influence the receipt of staking rewards through Ledger Live:

  • Rewards will only be received once the minimum nomination amount of DOT is reached.
  • This amount is subject to change based on network parameters. As of March 2024, the minimum DOT amount for being eligible to receive staking rewards is 550 DOTs. To check the current amount, go to:

 I hold fewer DOTs than the minimum nomination amount required for staking.

If you hold fewer DOTs than the minimum nomination amount required for staking, consider joining a nomination pool instead. With as little as 2.25 DOTs, you can begin staking in these pools. Learn more about nomination pools here.

What affects eligibility?

Have you waited for three eras from your initial nomination?
When users nominate, the bond will not be assigned to a validator during the current era. Even if users bond their DOT, and nominators have been selected, the DOT isn’t assigned to a validator to receive the rewards. The next era, approximately a day later, if one of your nominations is in the active set and is not oversubscribed, then your DOT will be assigned to one of your active nominations and eligible for rewards. Rewards for this era should be paid two nomination periods later. 
Is one of your nominations in the active set?
Whether a validator is currently active can be seen in Ledger Live. Learn more here. Are you one of the top 512 nominators? If a validator is oversubscribed, then only the top 512 nominators will be eligible for rewards. 
Have you recently added DOT coins to your bonded stake?

If you've ensured that your DOT stake exceeds the minimum nomination amount and you're still not receiving rewards, you might need to adjust your account position within the "bags-list" system. Introduced in March 2022, the "bags list" system sorts nominating accounts into "bags" based on the amount of DOT staked. Only the top 22,500 accounts are factored into the reward algorithm, making the minimum staked amount required for rewards a dynamic figure (equivalent to 550 DOT coins as of January, 2024). If your DOT stake surpasses this minimum amount but you're not seeing rewards, it's possible that your account is not optimally positioned within its bag. As a result, your account may be inadvertently bypassed during the reward process. This is especially the case if you've recently added DOT coins to your bonded stake. You can learn more about bags list here.

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*Rewards are not guaranteed. Ledger does not provide any financial advice or recommendation. 

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