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Don't doxx your UTXOs

Ledger encourages you to run your own Bitcoin full node, ideally behind Tor, this is why we developed SatStack.

Ledger SatStack is a lightweight bridge to connect Ledger Live with your personal Bitcoin full node. It's designed to allow Ledger Live users to use Bitcoin without compromising on privacy or relying on Ledger's infrastructure.

This tutorial requires performing instructions via the command line.



Once you bought your Nano, you will probably want to set it up with Ledger Live so that you can start generating a receiving address to start receiving sats.

  1. Download and install Ledger Live (do that behind Tor if possible) from
  2. Start Ledger Live with the variable EXPLORER set to localhost:20000.
    This will prevent Ledger Live from connecting to Ledger's explorers.
  3. Go to My Ledger in Ledger Live.
  4. Install the Bitcoin app.
  5. Close Ledger Live. 
  6. Download SatStack from GitHub and follow these instructions.
  7. Start Ledger Live.

Enjoy the full privacy!

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