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How to connect your Ledger Nano X to the Pera Algo app

As of now you can create accounts with Pera Wallet that are backed and secured by Ledger Nano X. This means that all transactions from a Ledger-backed Algorand account will require authorization by your Nano X. The private keys never leave the device and remain fully secure. 

To connect Ledger Nano X with Pera Algo Wallet, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Install Algorand app on your device
  • Add an Algorand account in Ledger Live
  • Download and setup Pera Algo Wallet
  • Pair your Ledger Nano X with Pera Algo Wallet

  If you already have Algorand (ALGO) installed on Ledger Live and your Ledger device, you can skip the first two steps.

Install Algorand (ALGO) on your Ledger device 

  1. In Ledger Live, navigate to My Ledger.
  2. Connect your device and unlock it.
  3. Confirm that you allow My Ledger to access your device. You can do that by clicking both buttons of your device simultaneously. 
  4. Go back to Ledger Live. In My Ledger, head over to App catalog and search for Algorand (ALGO).
  5. Click Install.

Algorand is now installed on your Ledger device. Let’s add it to Ledger Live.

Add Algorand (ALGO) account to Ledger Live

  1. In the left sidebar menu, go to Accounts.
  2. Click Add account.
  3. Choose Algorand (ALGO) from the drop-down list.Add_Algorand.png
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Connect your device to Ledger Live and unlock it.
  6. Open the Algorand (ALGO) app on your device.
  7. Click Add account

That’s it, the Algorand account is added to Portfolio. It's time to set up Pera Algo Wallet.

Download and setup Pera Algo Wallet

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper right corner, click Download Pera.
  3. Scan the QR code.Scan_QR_code.png
  4. Download the app from the app store.
  5. When the download is complete, click Open.

Pair your Ledger device with Pera Algo Wallet

Please ensure that your Ledger Nano X is unlocked and Bluetooth is enabled.

  1. Tap I already have an account.
  2. You’ll be presented with two options:
    • To recover an Algorand account using your 25-word passphrase.
    • To create an Algorand account that is backed by your Ledger hardware wallet. We'll take this option.
  3. Tap Pair Ledger device.


  1. To proceed with pairing tap Pair with Ledger. If you want to see how the process works before connecting the wallets, tap How does it work.
  2. You should see your Ledger Nano X. Tap it to continue.
  3. Confirm pairing on your Ledger device.
  4. Select your Algorand account.
  5. Tap Verify Selected Account.


  1. Now go back to your Ledger device. Review and approve the Algorand address. 
  2. You should see the notification that the account is verified. Tap Add Verified Accounts
  3. A confirmation message will appear stating that your account is ready to use.

Now you can buy ALGO or start using Pera Wallet. 

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