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Ledger + MetaMask common error messages

Error code Meaning


This error usually triggers when you’re trying to connect your Ledger device to MetaMask. Here is the article that explains how to solve error 0x650f


The 0x6501 error happens when the corresponding app isn't launched or when the My Ledger tab is open in Ledger Live. To solve the issue, open the Portfolio tab in Ledger Live and the ETH application on your device and retry.


The 0x6b0c error occurs when your device is connected to MetaMask but locked. Unlock your Ledger device and try again. 

UNKNOWN_ERROR [object Object]

This error can happen during various operations, such as sending a transaction, minting an NFT, or transferring funds. To solve it, update your Ledger device firmware, the Ethereum app, and Ledger Live app to the latest versions.


Tips for avoiding Ledger + MetaMask errors

Here are some tips for avoiding Ledger + Metamask issues:

  • Ensure that your MetaMask extension and the browser are up-to-date.
  • Close Ledger Live as it may conflict with MetaMask, especially if your Ledger device is connected to My Ledger. 
  • Open the Ethereum (ETH) app on your Ledger device before you click Connect Hardware Wallet in MetaMask. Wait until the device displays The application is ready.
  • Ensure that your Ledger device runs the latest firmware version.
  • Ensure that your Ledger device runs the latest version of the Ethereum (ETH) and/or Polygon app.
  • Avoid having multiple devices connected to your computer at once, as that could result in a conflict. 

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