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"App update required" error

This article explains how to solve the error "App update required" in Ledger Live.

Error description


This error can both appear in Ledger Live Mobile or Desktop when you try to:

  • Add accounts
  • Send transaction
  • Receive transaction
  • Any other operations that involve the Ledger device and the apps installed.

Even if you have installed the latest app available in My Ledger, you still may get the error.

How to solve the error

The error indeed appears due to an outdated version of the app installed on your Ledger device, for example, the ETH app or the DOT app. It also can happen because several apps (app dependencies) are outdated. For example, for managing the DOGE coin you need the BTC app and the DOGE app since the Dogecoin blockchain is based/similar to the Bitcoin blockchain and it depends on the main app (BTC).

Nevertheless, the root cause here would be the outdated firmware version of the Ledger device itself that prevents you to get the latest app installed. There are limitations in Ledger Live that do not allow you to install the latest app if your Ledger device firmware is too outdated.

In that case, follow these steps in exact order from step 1:

  1. Get the latest version of Ledger Live (update Ledger Live).
  2. Update the firmware of your device (Nano S / Nano X / Nano S Plus).
  3. Check if the updates are available for apps (update apps) and update ALL the apps on your Ledger device.

Once, everything is up to date, try to make your operation again and it should work.

Do you still require assistance?

Please reach out to Ledger Support and we will gladly assist you in troubleshooting this issue.

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