Swap crypto with FTX

Since the swapping service is offered through our third-party partner FTX, please reach out to FTX Support with your Swap ID if you have any questions. Make sure to check whether your question is answered in FTX Help Center.

You can swap crypto assets in Ledger Live. This service is offered through our third-party partner FTX and supports swapping BTC, ETH, and many more assets!

Check the location restrictions for swap on FTX Help Center in these articles: 

Before you begin

  • Update Ledger Live Desktop to version 2.44 and above. For now, swap with FTX is available only for Ledger Live Desktop. It will be added to Ledger Live Mobile soon.
  • Ensure your Ledger device runs the latest firmware version. Learn more.
  • Make sure you have all apps on your Ledger device up to date. Learn more.
  • Add an account for the crypto you want to swap. Learn more.

Swapping crypto assets with FTX

  1. In Ledger Live Desktop click Swap on the left panel.
    If it is your first time using the swap feature, the Welcome to Swap page appears.
  2. Click Continue after ticking the box if you agree to share your location data.
  3. On the Swap page, select the accounts for the crypto assets you want to exchange from and to.


  4. Enter the amount you want to exchange. 
    Note that there are defined minimal and maximal amounts you can exchange.
  5. Review the swap transaction details:
    • Provider: choose FTX if it’s not chosen by default.
    • Rate: the exchange rate
    • Network fees: (optional) to modify the fee levels, click the Change button. The fee levels refer to the speed of the transaction.
    • Target account: (optional) to modify the account where you want to receive your coins, click Edit.
  6. Click Exchange or Login if it's your first time with FTX.

If it’s your first time swapping with FTX, you will need to create an account on FTX, and go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process by verifying your identity. Learn more about the FTX KYC process here.

Once the verification process is completed and confirmed by FTX, you are able to continue with the swap process:

  1. Repeat the process of choosing the assets for swap, steps 1-6 above.
    If your KYC verification was successful, you should see KYC approved in the Provider field.



  2. Click Exchange to proceed further. 
  3. Connect your Ledger device and open Exchange app.
    Window with details will be displayed in Ledger Live.
  4. Check Swap details in Ledger Live and on your Ledger device.
  5. Confirm the transaction on your Ledger device.
  6. Write down your Swap ID in case you need help from FTX Support.


You have now exchanged crypto assets in Ledger Live! You will directly receive your coins in your Ledger account. It may take some time for the transaction to be processed and confirmed. Check the History tab to track the status of your swap transaction.


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