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My Cardano (ADA) balance displays 0

This article describes how to fix a display bug affecting Ledger Live 2.43.1.

 Issue fixed!

  • The issue described below is fixed in Ledger Live version 2.44 or above.
  • If you're affected, please make sure to update Ledger Live to the latest version via this link.


Your Cardano (ADA) account balance goes to 0 after clearing the cache in Ledger Live.



  1. On your Ledger device, open the Cardano ADA app.
    Your device displays Waiting for commands.
  2. Open the Ledger Live app.
  3. Select your Cardano (ADA) account and click the wrench icon.
  4. Click Remove from Portfolio > Confirm.
    Your Cardano (ADA) account disappears from the portfolio. Don't worry, your coins are safe.
  5. Navigate to the Accounts tab then click +Add account.
  6. Select Cardano (ADA) then click Continue.
    Ledger Live synchronizes your account.
  7. Click Add account > Done.
    Your Cardano (ADA) account balance now displays the correct value.

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