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How to Stake ETH with

This article describes how Stake ETH/stETH using
You can learn more about here.

Before you start

  • Update Ledger Live to the latest version via this link
  • Open Ledger Live and connect your Ledger device to My Ledger to ensure that your device is running the latest firmware version.

How to start the process

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet. To do this, you will either be prompted as soon as you visit the website, or you will have to click Connect wallet
  3. Select WalletConnect
  4. Press the Desktop tab.
  5. Select Ledger
    Ledger Live will open and you will be prompted to select an account.D12397DE-7427-417D-8E6C-80538DBBBC97.gif
  6. Select the account you have your stETH in and click Continue. Your wallet is now connected to Curve.
  7. Locate the stETH/ETH deposit pool (Located here).
  8. Enter the amount of stETH and/or ETH you would like to deposit in the pool and select one of the following options:
    • Deposit:  After depositing, your wallet will be given LP tokens which represent your position in the pool. 
    • Deposit & stake in gauge: This option stakes the LP tokens you are given for providing liquidity to the pool to get extra rewards* in CRV.
  9. Confirm the transaction in Ledger Live. 
  10. Use Medium or High gas to avoid having a stuck or failed transaction.
    Note that fees on Ethereum are quite high. These fees are paid to miners that secure the network).

 Additional information about Curve

The Lido website provides some additional information about the pools. We would suggest carefully reading over it as it covers quite a bit of relevant information about Curve. Learn more here.


*Rewards are not guaranteed. Ledger does not provide any financial advice or recommendation. 

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