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Creating a Ledger MINA account via Auro Wallet

This tutorial describes how to create a Ledger MINA account via Auro Wallet.

 You can learn more about the features supported by Auro Wallet here. Check the Mina wallet page to learn more.

Before you start

  • Make sure to update Ledger Live to the latest version via this link.
  • Open Ledger Live and connect your Ledger device to My Ledger to ensure that your Ledger device is running the latest firmware version.
  • Once you're all done, close Ledger Live as it can conflict with Auro Wallet.
  • We recommend using Chrome.

Installing the MINA app on your Ledger device

  1. Open Ledger Live.
  2. Navigate to My Ledger and install the Mina app.
  3. Close Ledger Live.

Creating a Ledger MINA account via Auro Wallet

  1. Go to and download the Auro Wallet browser extension.
  2. Open the extension and select Create Wallet.
  3. Review the Terms and conditions then create and confirm your password.
    Your Auro 12-word mnemonic phrase appears.
  4. Back up your phrase then select Next.
  5. Confirm your phrase then select Confirmed backup.
    The extension displays: Success.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Click the Wallet icon then select Ledger.
  8. Name your account then click Next.
  9. On your Ledger device, open the Mina app.
  10. The device displays Mina is ready.
  11. Back to the extension, click Import.
    Your Ledger device will prompt you to generate an address.
  12. On your Ledger device, scroll right using the buttons and select Generate.
    Your device display: Processing...
    Your device displays your account address.
  13. Scroll right then approve the address on the device.
    Your Ledger Mina account appears in the extension.
  14. In the extension, click the ... button to access your account address.
    You can safely deposit MINA coins to this address. Your coins will be secured by your Ledger device.mina_create_ledger_auro.gif

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