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Is ApeCoin (APE) supported in Ledger Live?

Yes, ApeCoin is supported in Ledger Live version 2.41.3 and above as an ERC20 token on Ethereum.
You can learn more about ERC20 tokens here.

You can check which version of Ledger Live your computer is running by going to Settings > About > Version > Details.


If you're running an older version. Please update via this link.

 Price data

  • Please note that Ledger Live 2.43.1 doesn't support price data for ApeCoin yet.
  • As a result, the fiat value (USD, EUR, etc) of your tokens will show as "-" in the app.
  • Don't worry, this has no impact on the value of your tokens.
  • To see the fiat value of your ApeCoin, please paste your Ethereum address into Etherscan and open the Token section.
  • Price data will be added in a future version of Ledger Live. Make sure to keep the app up to date.

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