Solving API HTTP 400 error

This article explains how to solve the API HTTP 400 error that you may face in Ledger Live when sending Bitcoin (BTC)  to another address.


One of the reasons why this error can appear in Ledger Live is when you are trying to send already spent UTXO-output in the failed transaction. It can happen due to an occasional error in the synchronization of your BTC account with blockchain explorer or after the update of Ledger Live.

Our engineering team is currently investigating why this is happening and we will update you as soon as possible if there is a fix.


Note for Qtum (QTUM) users

Some QTUM users may face this error when sending their assets from Ledger Live. The solution in their case would be to increase manually the network fees 5-6 times when broadcasting the transaction.
Contact our Support Team if you require any assistance with sending a transaction.

A solution to this problem will be to force the account to synchronize with a blockchain explorer.

  1. Make sure everything is up to date (Ledger Live, firmware, BTC app)
  2. Clear cache in Ledger Live and try to send the transaction. You can find detailed instructions here.
  3. (optional) If clearing the cache did not solve the problem, try to remove the problematic BTC account from Ledger Live and add it back with your Ledger device.


Are you still getting errors?

If you are still getting an "API HTTP 400" error after trying these solutions, please reach out to our Support Team.

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