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Swap Cardano assets on Minswap with your Ledger device

This article shows how to swap Cardano assets (ADA, Cardano tokens) on Minswap via your Ledger device.
 You can learn more about Minswap here.

Before you start

  • Update Ledger Live to the latest version via this link.
  • Open Ledger Live and connect your Ledger device to My Ledger to ensure that your device is running the latest firmware version.
  • Ensure that the latest version of the Cardano (ADA) app is installed on your Ledger device.
  • Once you're all done, close Ledger Live.
  • We recommend using Chrome.

Video instructions


  1. Connect your Ledger Cardano account to Nami by following these instructions.
  2. Go to Minswap and select Enter App.
  3. In the app, select Connect Wallet > Nami.
    Your Ledger Cardano account connects to Minswap via Nami.
  4. Navigate to Trade.
  5. Choose the assets you wish to swap then click Swap.
  6. Review your swap then click Confirm Swap.
    The Nami app prompts you to sign the transaction via your Ledger device.
  7. In Nami, click Sign then Confirm.
  8. On your Ledger device, select Start New then navigate through multiple steps, using the buttons to confirm each one as you go until you reach Confirm transaction.
     Confirming the transaction on your device is a lengthy process.
    To confirm a step, use the right button to completely scroll through it (for example: Script data hash 2/2) then press both buttons to validate.
  9. Confirm the transaction on your Ledger device.
    Minswap displays: Waiting for confirmation.
    Your transaction was successfully broadcast to the Cardano network.
  10. Click View on Explorer to monitor the status of your swap. Swap is usually confirmed within 5-10 minutes.
    Once the swap has cleared, it will show as Complete in the Order tab on Minswap.

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