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Should you restore your Ledger device with your 12-word secret recovery phrase from Metamask?

 No, it's not safe to restore (or import)  your Metamask 12-word secret recovery phrase into your Ledger device.


Unlike a Ledger wallet which is a hardware wallet, Metamask is a software wallet. Software wallets have multiple flaws that make them unsafe to use for long term storage of crypto funds:

  • they are connected to the internet most of the time.
  • they display your recovery phrase on your computer or phone screen.

Malware infecting your phone or computer could easily spy on software wallets to log your keys or extract your recovery phrase. You can learn more here.

Seeding your Metamask recovery phrase into your Ledger device defeats the purpose of using a Ledger wallet because the security of your funds now hinges on a recovery phrase that may have been compromised from the moment it was created by your Metamask wallet.

A cunning hacker could obtain your Metamask recovery phrase and then sit on it for months before launching an attack that sweeps your Ledger accounts.

As a result, the only way to create a safe recovery phrase is to generate it completely offline. This is what your Ledger device does during the initial setup. Your Ledger 24-word phrase is safe from hackers because it doesn't have a digital copy. Therefore, your Ledger device should only be seeded with a recovery phrase that's been generated by a Ledger device or by another hardware wallet.

You can learn more about Ledger recovery phrases and how to keep them safe here.

How to safely migrate funds from your Metamask accounts to your Ledger accounts?

  1. Download Ledger Live via this link.
  2. Set up Ledger Live and your Ledger device by following this tutorial.
  3. Create your Ledger accounts in Ledger Live. More on this here.
  4. Use Ledger Live to generate deposit addresses to your Ledger accounts. More on this here.
  5. Send funds from your Metamask accounts to your Ledger accounts using the Send button in Metamask. More on this here.

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