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My coins received through Arbitrum are not showing in Ledger Live

The Arbitrum network isn't supported yet in Ledger Live.

This tutorial describes how to access your Ledger Arbitrum account via MetaMask. You can learn more about Arbitrum here.

Before you start


  • Make sure to update Ledger Live to the latest version via this link.
  • Open Ledger Live and connect your Ledger device to My Ledger to ensure that your Ledger device is running the latest firmware version.
  • Ensure that the latest version of the Ethereum (ETH) app is installed on your Ledger device.
  • Once you're all done, close Ledger Live as it can conflict with Metamask.

Accessing your Ledger Arbitrum account via MetaMask

  1. Download and install the MetaMask extension in your browser by following these steps.
  2. Open MetaMask and create a standalone MetaMask account as shown in this video.
     In the next steps, you will add a second account to MetaMask: your Ledger Arbitrum account.
  3. Once you're all set up, open MetaMask in your browser, click on the three dots icon and select Expand view.
    MetaMask opens in a tab that is easier to navigate.
  4. Connect Metamask to the Arbitrum network by following these steps:

    Use the RPC data below to connect Metamask to Arbitrum.
    Network Name: Arbitrum Mainnet 
    New RPC URL:
    Chain ID: 42161
    Currency Symbol: ETH
    Block Explorer URL:
  5. Plug your Ledger device into your computer and open the Ethereum (ETH) app on your device by navigating to the Ethereum icon and pressing both buttons simultaneously.
    Your Ledger device displays Application is ready.
  6. In MetaMask, navigate to Settings > Connect Hardware Wallet > Ledger, and click Continue.
    After a brief moment, a list of account addresses appears.
  7. Select an account by ticking the box. Then click Unlock.
    Your Ledger Arbitrum account and ETH balance appear in MetaMask.

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