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Swapping BTT (old) for BTT (new)

This article describes how to swap old BTT tokens for new BTT tokens.

 Can Ledger automatically swap my old BTT tokens for new BTT tokens?

  • Ledger does not have access to your private keys.
  • As a result, you will need to manually swap your old BTT tokens for new BTT tokens.

Before you start

  • Make sure to update to the latest version of Ledger Live via this link.
  • Open My Ledger in Ledger Live and ensure your device is running the latest firmware version
  • Install the latest version of the Tron (TRX) app on your Ledger device.
  • On your Ledger device, open the Tron (TRX) app, navigate to Settings > Custom Contracts, and set to Allowed.
  • Install the TronLink extension into your browser (we strongly recommend using Chrome).

Swapping BTT (old) for BTT (new)

  1. Close Ledger Live and plug your Ledger device into your computer.
  2. Unlock your Ledger device and open the Tron (TRX) app.
  3. In your browser, open the TronLink extension, select Pair ledger Hardware wallet, and select your Ledger device to connect your Ledger Tron account to TronLink.
  4. Choose a Password and click Confirm.
    Your Ledger Tron account appears in TronLink.
  5. Open the BTT Swap app via this link.
  6. In the app, select Connect your Wallet > Connect to Tron Network then select TronLink.
  7. Select the number of BTT (old) tokens you wish to swap then click Confirm Swap.
    TronLink opens and displays TriggerSmart Contract.
  8. In TronLink, click Sign then confirm the transaction on your Ledger device.
  9. Click Done to complete the swap.
  10. To access and manage your BTT (new) token balance, open TronLink and select the (+) icon in the Assets section. 
  11. In the search bar, type BTT then add BTT (Bitorrent) TRC20 by clicking the (+) icon
  12. Click the < icon to go back to the Assets section. 
    Your BTT (new) balance appears.

 Why is my BTT (new) balance not showing in Ledger Live?

  • Make sure you use Ledger Live Desktop version 2.39 or higher.
  • If your Ledger Live is outdated, your BTT (new) won't appear. 
  • Find detailed instructions on how to update Ledger Live here.

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