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I can’t find my accounts in Ledger Live

This article covers the situation when you can’t find your account in Ledger Live or if your existing account reflects a zero balance without transaction history after re-adding it in Ledger Live.

Installing Ledger Live on a new device

Did you install Ledger Live on a new device and you can’t see your existing accounts? This is normal.


Ledger Live does not use a centralized database with your accounts and settings, these information are stored locally on your computer or smartphone. Therefore, you will have to re-add your accounts each time you install Ledger Live on a new device or if your Ledger Live gets reset. 

Remember, your crypto is always stored on the blockchain, not on Ledger Live. When you add accounts in Ledger Live, Ledger Live scans the accounts linked to the 24-word recovery phrase currently stored on your Ledger device. Your existing accounts should then appear.

If you need to re-add your accounts on your smartphone, you can import them via QR code with Ledger Live desktop. Learn more 


Zero balance after adding an account in Ledger Live?

If you added an account in Ledger Live and you see a zero balance without transaction history, you are most likely not using the correct recovery phrase associated with the account you are trying to find.



Likely, at some point, your device has got reset and you set it up with a new 24-word recovery phrase. Your device, therefore, manages a new set of accounts.

To manage your existing set of accounts, you will have to restore your device from your previous 24-word recovery phrase. You can do this by following the instructions from this article.

If you encounter any problems during the restoration process, check this troubleshooting guide.

My account is still missing

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