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I can't find the crypto I want to add in the account list

Are you trying to add an account for a crypto in Ledger Live but you can’t find it in the list? This article explains why it is happening and what should be done in order to manage the requested asset with the Ledger device. 

You may get easily confused when trying to add an account for Solana, Cardano, or other assets in Ledger Live. Even though you have installed the app for the asset on your Ledger device, you will not see the asset in the list of accounts when adding them in Ledger Live.


It may be happening due to the following reasons. 

Coin is not supported by Ledger Live

One of the main reasons is that the assets you are trying to add are not supported by Ledger Live. Most apps nowadays are created through community development. 

As such, you might need to use a third-party wallet application instead. You can find which wallet application you can use for managing your desired crypto assets through this page. It includes links to the correct wallet applications as well and shows which crypto assets are natively supported in Ledger Live as well.

To know more about third-party wallets, please take the time to read this Ledger Academy article on the topic.

The following table lists the most frequently requested assets and the third-party wallets you can use to manage them with your Ledger device:

Asset Third-party wallet
Cardano Yoroi, Adalite
Solana Solflare
Matic Metamask
Token is not supported yet by Ledger Live

You may also encounter the same problem with missing assets in the account list when trying to add ERC20, BEP20, TRC10/20 tokens in Ledger Live. 

You can’t add them to the account list because not all tokens are supported at the moment in Ledger Live (which is only a visual interface). Every day, there are new tokens and we are progressively adding them with each Ledger Live release. If you see that a token is not supported in Ledger Live, you may check if you are running the latest version of Ledger Live and if necessary, update the software.

If the token is still not available, you can submit the token details here for our coin integration team who will review it and add it for listing in the future release of Ledger Live.

Even though you can’t add your token, it doesn’t mean you can’t manage it with your Ledger device. 

It is possible to manage all not supported tokens with a variety of third-party wallets and your Ledger device.

When you use one of those third-party wallets, you are only using their interface. Your private keys remain secured by the Ledger device.

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