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SIGBUS / SIGSEGV / Internal process error

The error was fixed!

The article describes the SIGBUS / SIGSEGV / Internal process errors that users were facing in Ledger Live on old releases of Ledger Live. These errors were occuring when trying to access My Ledger, making an Algorand (ALGO) or Cosmos (ATOM) transactions, or adding accounts for one of these two assets.

Why did these problems occur?

These problems were due to the presence of some specific transaction types in an Algorand (ALGO) or Cosmos (ATOM) account that were not supported by Ledger Live in the past.

Ledger Live did not support these specific transaction types (like hub transactions for Cosmos for instance) as they did not exist at the time we implemented Algorand and Cosmos in Ledger Live, resulting in the mentioned errors.

Examples of errors users could face while adding an account with not supported transaction types:




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