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Can I participate in Polkadot Crowdloans with my Ledger?

Crowdloans on the Polkadot network were launched on November 5th, 2021. The auctions for the slots of the first phase started on November 11th, 2021. Learn more

Does Ledger hardware wallet support participation in Polkadot Crowdloans?

Yes, we do support Crowdloans on Ledger devices.

However, if you participate in a crowdloan on parachains, you will have to wait for the official parachain app to be released on Ledger Live before you can get the rewards. Without the app, you will not be able to sign transactions with reward tokens. Ledger will ensure that the parachain winning the slot auctions have their corresponding apps released in a timely manner to enable accessing the generated rewards

Next, when you participate in crowdloans, you participate with DOT or KSM address. Then, the parachains tokens are automatically sent to that same address on the parachain network. This means that when you want to access your funds, you need to access DOT or KSM address on the parachain network.

This forces parachain apps to support the DOT or KSM derivation path. By default, the parachain apps used their own derivation path. For users, the way to change the derivation path and access their DOT or KSM address on the parachain network is to:

  • Enable the expert mode in the Parachain Nano app

  • Press both buttons on Accounts: Legacy

  • Review the configuration and approve

An example of changing the derivation path for the Acala app: 


Finally, you may see that some parachain apps are already available in developer mode. You should keep in mind that the apps in developer mode haven't been validated or reviewed yet by the Ledger team. It may be available in developer mode to allow teams to start working on it for development purposes only. If you perform any operations with the app that is in developer mode, you may get bugs and errors and we can't provide support in some cases.  


More about using Ledger with parachains read on Polkadot Documentation.

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