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Set up and use Rabby wallet to access your Ledger Ethereum (ETH) account

This tutorial describes how to access your Ledger Ethereum (ETH) account(s) through the third-party wallet Rabby.

Before you start

  • Ensure the latest version of the Ethereum (ETH) app is installed on your Ledger device. Learn more
  • Ensure that your Ledger device is running the latest firmware version. Learn more
  • Make sure to close Ledger Live as it can conflict with Rabby.

Accessing your Ledger Ethereum account(s) through Rabby

  1. Open the website in your web browser.
     Ensure that you are using Chrome or a Chromium-based browser like Brave browser, since the Rabby extension is not compatible with Firefox.
  2. Download and install the Rabby extension in your browser as shown on the GIF below:


  3. Open the Rabby extension in your browser and click Get Started.
  4. On the Set Unlock Password screen, set a password for your Rabby wallet and click Next.
    The Enable Chains screen appears where you can select different chains.
  5. After selecting chains, click OK.
  6. On the next screen, choose Hardware Wallet.
    In the web browser, a window will pop up.
  7. Select Ledger amongst the options.
  8. In the Select Connect Method window, choose Connect hardware wallet directly.
    A list of HD paths appears.
  9. After you've connected and unlocked your Ledger device, open the Ethereum app.
  10. Select Ledger Live and click Next.
    A window appears where you should see your device’s name (Nano X / Nano S).
  11. Select the device and click Connect.


  12. Select your Ledger Live Ethereum address, tick the box and click Next.
    Your Ledger Ethereum account and its balance appear and click OK.

    Your Rabby wallet is ready to use! You can set Rabby as your default wallet and it will appear automatically on the websites where you choose to connect via Metamask.


Next steps

  • You can use Rabby to manage dapps on different EVM-compatible chains.
  • Reach out to the Rabby developers on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or open an issue on Github if you require assistance from them.

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