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Set up and use Phantom to access your Ledger Solana (SOL) account

This tutorial describes how to set up and use the Phantom browser extension with your Ledger device to access your Ledger Solana (SOL) account(s).

Before you start

  • Ensure the latest version of the Solana (SOL) app is installed on your Ledger device.
  • Make sure to close Ledger Live as it can conflict with the Phantom extension.
  • We strongly recommend installing and using Phantom with the Brave browser.

Accessing your Ledger Solana account(s) via Phantom

  1. Open your browser and install the Phantom extension.
  2. Select Create New Wallet, copy your 12-word Phantom recovery phrase and click Ok, I saved it somewhere.
     Your 12-word phantom recovery phrase does not replace your 24-word Ledger recovery phrase. Make sure to keep them both secure and secret.
  3. Choose a password, confirm it, agree to the terms of service and click Save.
  4. Finish the onboarding then open the Phantom extension in your browser.
  5. Connect your Ledger device and open the Solana (SOL) app on your device.
  6. In the Phantom extension, go to the Settings (=) then select Add / Connect Wallet.
  7. Select Connect hardware wallet and click Continue.
    Select wallet address appears in your browser.
  8. Choose the default derivation path (44'/501'/0'), use the drop-down menu to select a Solana account then click Add account.
    Your Ledger Solana account is added to Phantom.
  9. Click the Receive button to generate a deposit address.
    You can use this address to send funds to your Ledger Solana Account.


Need help? 

If you're experiencing issues using the Phantom wallet, please reach out to Phantom wallet support.