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Transaction on Ethereum (ETH) failed

An 'Out of Gas' issue occurs when insufficient gas is provided to process your transaction on the Ethereum (ETH) network. This is a common problem for ERC20 token or NFT transactions.

To understand more about gas, gas limits, and how fees work on Ethereum, you can find detailed information


What is Ledger doing to prevent "out of gas" issues?

  • Ledger Live automatically calculates the optimal fee for your ETH and ERC20 transactions.
  • However, transactions on Ethereum may still fail due to network congestion. Additionally, some smart contracts, particularly those involving ERC20 token transfers, require more gas and could lead to a transaction failure if the gas limit is too low.
  • This can be prevented by using custom Ethereum transactions in Ledger Live. You can learn how to create custom transactions here.

How to identify an "out of gas" issue?

If an ERC20 or NFT transaction fails, Ledger Live will display it in your operation history with a 'Failed' status.


To investigate further:

  1. Click on the failed transaction in Ledger Live to expand it.
  2. Select 'View in explorer' to be redirected to (an Ethereum blockchain explorer).

  3. On Etherscan, look for the following error message: 'Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas].'

    This process will help you confirm if an 'Out of Gas' issue caused the failure.


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