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Set up and use Sync to access your Ledger VeChain (VET) accounts

This tutorial describes how to set up and use the Sync web wallet with your Ledger device to access your Ledger VeChain (VET) account(s).

Before you start

  • Make sure the latest version of the VeChain app is installed on your Ledger device.
  • Make sure to close Ledger Live as it can conflict with Sync.
  • Make sure to download and install the latest version of the Sync wallet via this link.

Accessing your Ledger VeChain account(s) via Sync

  1. Connect your Ledger device and open the VeChain app on your Ledger device.
  2. Open Sync wallet on your computer.
  3. In the app, select Create Now.
  4. In the next screen, select the Ledger logo.
    A list of accounts appears.
  5. Name your device then click Import.
    Your Ledger VeChain accounts appear.
  6. Select an account and copy the address using the copy icon.
    You can safely send VET and VTHO to this address.

 Before you go

  • The steps above describe the recommended way to send VET and VTHO to your Ledger wallet.
  • Please do not send VET and/or VTHO to your Ledger Ethereum account.
  • When withdrawing VET or VTHO from Binance, make sure to select the VET network.

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