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My recovery phrase failed a recovery check, what should I do?

This article will provide tips to help you after a failed recovery check.

Run the check again

  • Typing recovery words into a Ledger device can be a tricky task. Multiple attempts might be required before your phrase is correctly typed in and passes the check successfully.
  • Don't worry, recovery checks can be safely attempted an infinite number of times. Failing a recovery check will not lock your accounts, reset your Ledger device or compromise your coins.

Double-check your recovery phrase

  • Make sure that all the words on your recovery sheet are on the BIP39 word list and are correctly spelled.
  • Make sure to select the correct recovery phrase length on your Ledger device (12, 18, or 24 words). The selected length should match the length of your recovery phrase.

  • Make sure to type your recovery words in the correct order:

  • Again, make sure to run the check multiple times.

My recovery phrase is still failing the check even after multiple attempts

It's likely that your recovery phrase is not correctly backed up and will need to be replaced. 

  1. Open Ledger Live and immediately transfer your crypto to safe third-party accounts like exchange accounts with strong passwords and 2FA turned on.
  2. Once your Ledger accounts are completely empty, delete them.
     It's important to delete these empty accounts to avoid sending crypto funds to them later.

  3. Reset your Ledger device to factory settings using these instructions.
  4. Set up your Ledger device as a new device by following these instructions.
     Your Ledger device will generate a new recovery phrase.
  5. Open the Ledger Live app, connect your newly set up Ledger device to My Ledger and reinstall the coin apps you need.
  6. Navigate to the Account tab and create new crypto accounts.
  7. Send your crypto back to these accounts.

What's next?

  • Make sure to custody your new recovery phrase with great care. This article provides useful tips.
  • It's recommended to keep your old recovery phrase in case you might need it later.
  • Run frequent recovery checks to verify the integrity of your new recovery phrase.

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