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How to verify the authenticity of Ledger Live on Windows?

This article will describe how to verify the authenticity of a Ledger Live installation package on Windows using Ledger Live Download Signatures.

  1. Go to the HashTab website, download and install the Free version on your computer.

  2. Go to the Ledger website, scroll down to the Download Ledger Live app section and download the Windows installation package.

  3. Right-click on the installation package icon on your computer, and select Properties.
    A Ledger Live properties window appears.

  4. Go to File Hashes, move your cursor over the white space, right-click and select Settings.
    A HashTab Settings window appears.

  5. Unselect all options except for SHA-512 then click Ok.
    A SHA-512 hash value appears.

  6. Go to the Ledger Live Download Signatures page, ​scroll down to the Ledger Live binaries section and copy the Windows hash.

  7. Go back to the​ Ledger Live Properties window and paste the hash in the Hash Comparison field 
    A checkmark appears.

 I am getting a cross instead of a checkmark!

  • Your copy of Ledger Live might not be genuine.
  • Please immediately contact Ledger support, you will be provided with a safe link to install Ledger Live to the latest version.