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Ledger Live interface overview

Ledger Live's interface makes it easy to find the features you need to manage your Ledger hardware wallet and the crypto assets it secures.

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Ledger Live's interface consists of four main elements:

  1. Application controls
  2. Menu
  3. Starred accounts
  4. Main viewer

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 3.08.57 PM.png

1. Application controls 

Application control Icon Description
Network status Screenshot_2021-04-01_at_12.09.00.png The current status of synchronization with the blockchain networks of the crypto assets you've added. Click on it to force synchronization.
Information center Screenshot_2021-04-01_at_12.09.07.png

Keep track of the latest Ledger news and service status. 


Toggle privacy mode Screenshot_2021-04-01_at_12.09.17.png

Activate the discreet mode to hide your balances.

Help Screenshot_2021-04-01_at_12.09.21.png Get help from Ledger resources.
Lock Screenshot_2021-04-01_at_12.09.26.png Lock your session. Learn how to set up the password lock. 
Settings Screenshot_2021-04-01_at_12.09.31.png Access Ledger Live's settings.

2. Menu

Use the menu to go to different main sections:

3. Starred accounts

The Starred accounts section features your favorite accounts for easy access. 

To add a starred account:

  1. In Ledger Live, go to Accounts
  2. Click on the star icon of the account you want to add as a starred account.

4. Main viewer

The main viewer is the place where you interact with the main sections of Ledger Live. In Portfolio, the main viewer displays the following sections: 

  • Portfolio balance: a summary of your accounts, including the total balance, its countervalue, and the change over the selected period. 
  • Asset allocation: a summary of your asset allocation, including the percentage allocated to each asset, the amount, and its countervalue.
  • Latest operations: a summary of your latest operations. 
  • Shortcut Buttons: Easily buy/sell, swap, or stake your assets.

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