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Swap crypto with Changelly

Since the swapping service is offered through our third-party partner Changelly, please reach out to Changelly Support with your Swap ID if you have any questions. Make sure to check whether your question is answered in Changelly’s help center.

 Temporary swap issue in Ledger Live

A bug in Ledger Live desktop version 2.71.0 currently prevents users from swapping more than 1000 units of any cryptocurrency. This issue results in a 'Something went wrong' error and blocks the swap.

This issue can be fixed by updating your Ledger Live app to the latest version 2.71.1 via

You can swap crypto assets in Ledger Live. This service is offered through our third-party partner Changelly and supports swapping BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, and many more! See all the crypto supported for swap here

 Please note that the swap feature is not available in some countries, including the United States.

 Read before you swap

  • Please bear in mind that this service is offered through a third party. Access is provided by Ledger, but it is the responsibility of the users to do their due diligence and inform themselves of the platform’s terms of use.
  • As a regulated third-party, Changelly can put your transaction on hold and require a KYC check. Learn more by scrolling down to the last section of this article.
  • It’s possible to get an error message when attempting to swap in Ledger Live. This is likely due to having a VPN on, so please make sure to temporarily disengage your VPN before attempting to swap in Ledger Live.  
  • It can take time to receive your crypto after doing a swap. This is usually due to network congestion. If you’ve been waiting a while and still don’t see your crypto, please reach out to the swap provider first, and provide them with your swap ID number. Of course, you’re always welcome to reach out to Ledger customer support as well.

Before you begin

  • Update Ledger Live through the notification banner or download the latest version.
  • Ensure your Ledger device runs the latest firmware version.
       Please note that the swap feature is not supported on the Ledger Blue.
  • Add an account for the crypto you want to swap. Learn more

Video instructions

Swapping crypto assets

  Ledger Live Desktop   Ledger Live Mobile
  1. Click Swap on the left panel.
    If it is your first time using the swap feature, the Welcome to Swap page appears.
  2. Click Continue after ticking the box if you agree to share your location data with Changelly.
  3. On the Exchange page, select the accounts for the crypto assets you want to exchange from and to.


  4. Enter the amount you want to exchange.
       Note that there are defined minimal and maximal amounts you can exchange.
  5. Review the swap transaction details:
    • Provider: this service is offered through our third-party partner Changelly.
    • Rate: the exchange rate
    • Fees: (optional) to modify the fee levels, click Edit. The fee levels refer to the speed of the transaction.
    • Target account: (optional) to modify the account where you want to receive your coins, click Edit.
  6. Click Exchange.
    The Confirm Your Exchange side panel appears on the right side.
  7. Connect and unlock your device.
  8. Allow My Ledger on your device.
      If apps required for the swap are missing from your device, they will be automatically installed.
  9. Open the Exchange app on your device.
  10. Verify and confirm the swap transaction details on your device.
  11. Write down your Swap ID in case you need help from Changelly's support.

You have now exchanged crypto assets in Ledger Live! You will directly receive your coins in your Ledger account. It may take some time for the transaction to be processed and confirmed. Check the History tab to track the status of your swap transaction.


KYC verification

Changelly is a regulated third-party swapping service. As such,  Changelly might put your transaction on hold and request you to pass a KYC check. In that case, you need to contact After that, you’ll receive a link to complete the verification process. Please note that your funds might be held until the KYC check is completed.

Here are some documents you may need:

  1. Your ID. Changelly will request you to send a high-quality photo of your personal identity document, such as a passport. This document has to be valid in your country.
  2. A picture of you holding your ID. You’ll have to take a picture or a video of your face next to the ID you’re sending. 
  3. Proof of source of funds. This is required to prove the origin of your funds. In this case, you'll have to explain how you obtained them and attach corresponding documents or screenshots. 
  4. Liveness check. An instant facial verification done via the camera of your device.

Please keep in mind that there are some cases where your KYC submission can be rejected. If this happens, the Changelly security team will contact you to resolve the issue. 

How long will my transaction be on hold?

Sometimes it can take several weeks or even months to process a transaction. This is usually because several different stakeholders are involved. The majority of transactions, however, are processed quickly.

For more information, please read Changelly’s guide on KYC verification.


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